When it comes to gift wrapping (or anything that involves paper goods for that matter) Mindy Gayer is our go-to girl.  Everything she does, whether she’s decorating a home, designing an invitation or planning a dinner party, is not only special but personalized with her unique artistic touch.  With impeccable taste and a knack for sourcing the best goodies and supplies (her Pinterest is alone is full of endless inspiration) Mindy has perfected the art of giving, which is why we asked her to let us in on her secrets to success.  Here, she shares three festive ways to wrap your holiday gifts, along with her tried and true resources, tips and tricks.

Grosgrain and cotton ribbon have always been favorites because of how easy it is to wrap with, and aesthetically, it always finishes off a package for me – crisp, clean and no frills.  A thick chunky yarn, twine and cord have also made their way to the top of my bin because of their amazing texture.  You really can’t mess up a package when you start wrapping strand after strand of yarn/twine/cord, so each package ends up looking totally unique and often funky.  

Gift tags are the perfect goodies to keep on hand, and in bulk.  I love using tags that are just big enough to write a small note for the recipient in lieu of a traditional card.  I also love employing coasters and place cards as tags, easily usable by adding a ribbon hole with a handheld hole punch. 


A favorite way to spruce up a simple package is by adding some flowers, herbs or evergreens.  A rose from your garden or a fresh clipping off of your Christmas tree creates beautiful organic texture.  All local florists stock beautiful options year round…my favorites for the holiday are evergreens, eucalyptus and coffee bean berries. 


I love wrapping with boxes that don’t always require gift wrap, and can be reused and repurposed by the lucky recipients.  Some of my favorites to use are both wooden boxes and kraft paper mache boxes.  Both look perfectly bespoke with a thick cotton or grosgrain ribbon, ornamentation, and trimmed with a pretty little tag.


I tend to gravitate toward non-holiday wrap for all of my Christmas gift giving.  I love simple, repeating patterns (stripes, dots, geometrics & hand-drawn) that can translate into any occasion, and prefer individual sheets of thick, uncoated paper stock.  I love to layer patterns within the same color family like I did below and add a touch of holiday sparkle with a sprig of evergreen and a festive accoutrement such as a bell or ornament to top it off. 



  • Double sided permanent tape is your best friend.  It’s super sticky, and adheres perfectly to those uncoated papers I’m so fond of.  And best of all, it gives you a flawless gift with no tape marks on the exterior of the package. 
  • Invest in two pairs of scissors; one dedicated solely for cutting paper and a pair of fabric scissors for cutting ribbon.
  • Collect goodies throughout the year that can be used as ornamentation (anchor, ornament, little critters, bells).  Everyone loves a little something special that can double as a keepsake, and it makes your gift look extra special.  
  • Think outside the box…textiles (maybe a linen dish towel) or comic book paper are fun, unexpected mediums to wrap with.