Home With Her is an ever evolving guide for the modern day woman.

Both Jeanne Stewart and Nina Hayes have always been inspired by a simplistic approach and effortless style.  With Jeanne’s background in photography and Nina’s experience with styling they found themselves sharing the same simplistic vision.  As they continued to collaborate on creative projects they realized that their biggest muse was “Her”; the natural beauty who seemed to have everyone intrigued.  The lifestyle blog Home With Her; a guide about the modern day woman, evolved from their desire to creatively cultivate awareness for better living. Here they feature authentic glimpses into their lives as well other people, places and practices they’ve found inspiring.  


stories of women and genuine glimpses into their lives


recipes, seasonal ingredients and meal planning inspiration


tips, tutorials and go-to staple products


all things created, aka DIY


recommended reads, places, gift ideas and more

Photographed by Jeanne Stewart

Written by Nina Hayes



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