Growing up my sister and I loved eating bagels.  One of the best things about adolescence is your pure innocence and lack of understanding in how the world really works.  So seeing we were far from understanding the true meaning of carbs we would often indulge in two bagels a day smothered in cream cheese and all.

When I got pregnant with Felix I remember this undeniable craving for bagels which of course had this sweet nostalgic memory attached to it.  There was this French bakery down the street from our house that oddly enough made the most amazing bagels.  Instead of restricting my diet like I usually did, I decided to indulge in just about every way possible for the next nine months.  So as you can imagine an occasional stop to the bakery quickly turned into part of my daily routine.

As women we are bombarded with an unnecessary amount of pressure to look a certain way.  Unfortunately this obsession often takes away from experiencing and enjoying some of the simple pleasures of life.

 As a mother I always try to lead by example.  It’s so rewarding to see Felix truly understanding the importance of eating healthy whole foods.  But I also want to stress the importance of moderation and encourage him to indulge here and there.  Though a healthy diet is essential, I feel that it’s almost equally important to give in to those random, sweet and sinful cravings.  So with that said, we will occasionally eat a heaping of bacon for breakfast, enjoy a bagel with cream cheese, go to In-N-Out for dinner,  and scoop up some gelato for dessert.  Enjoying each and every bite…free of any guilt!

Instead of presenting you with some amazing gluten free, dairy free,  blah blah blah recipe…we are sharing the oh so simple bagel and lox.  I think that most everyone will agree that it is beyond satisfying…plus it’s quite fun when you prepare a spread with all the yummy fixings like spicy pickled onions, avocado and capers.