As you know messy-wavy-beachy hair is a bit of a thing.  This is probably the first hair trend that is working in my favor seeing I have a ton of natural texture.  Just in case you were about to get jealous, just know that I have had some seriously BAD hair days in my past.  In fact, much of my existence was a “bad hair day” until I found my godsend of a hairstylist, Stevie.  I’ve been seeing Stevie for over ten years now and each and every time she gives me a fresh and effortless cut that allows me to throw a couple products in my hair and walk out the door.

Regardless of length, wave, color or style I can’t say enough about finding a stylist that understands your hair natural texture +/ goals and can cut your hair accordingly.  You wear your hair everyday so it’s well worth the investment as far as I’m concerned!

Aside from finding a good hairstylist I’m a firm believer in finding the right products.  I have a minimal approach to all things beauty and therefore am not a big product pusher, but I’ve seen first hand the difference the right product can make, especially with my own hair.  Similar to skin care, it’s best to test hair products out for yourself as finding the right concoction can be hit or miss.  Ask your stylist if there’s anyway to take a sample home to try the product out for yourself before purchasing and if that’s not possible start out by buying the travel size.

Several people have been asking how I get my hair to do that messy-beach thing…I attribute it to a bit of Stevie, climate, products and a handful of luck.  In my opinion nothing can compete with the effortless texture I get from Mother Ocean herself.  But for those of us who can’t jump in the ocean before heading out the door in the morning, here’s the next best thing… or at least a formula that has worked for me.  Easy-breezy wash and wear guide to beachy hair…


Shampoos and conditioners often weighed my hair down, weakening any of my natural wave and curl.  Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Shampoo and Conditioner leaves my hair clean and soft but with a bit of added texture to help enhance my wave.  P.S. try brushing prior to showering when your hair is dry.  Simply put, wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage, especially during the summer when you are already compromising it’s integrity with chlorine, salt water and sun.


I prefer pliable hair that can be reworked throughout the day and both of these styling creams allow me to do exactly that.  If my hair is clean then I reach for Oribe Crème for Style as it tends to have a bit more hold and control to emphasize my wave, otherwise (because I only wash my hair every two days) I use Bb Don’t Blow It as it has a lighter hold.  A dime sized squirt on towel dried hair does the trick for me.  Once applied, I twist a few pieces and try to let it air dry before touching it again (insert- breakfast, bed- making, light make-up, etcetera here).


Once completely dry, spritz some surf spray towards the ends for some extra wave and body.  I’ve tried a fair share of surf sprays but prefer Captain Blankenships Ray of Light Sea Salt Spray as it’s a lighter hold and not so crunchy once dried.  And as an extra bonus the hair is softly lightened when activated by the sun thanks to the organic chamomile, lemon, lime and grapefruit oils helping to accentuate that sun-kissed beachy look.  Fair warning — a little goes a long way and just know that the hair continues to plump up as it dries making it more difficult to work with afterwards.


Typically I complete the look with Oribe Apres Beach as it’s the perfect blend of texture and shine.  I keep it with me at all times and reach for it anytime my hair needs a little pick me up.  Twist a couple strands of hair and spray (stay away from the roots) for some extra definition.


For a more polished look, I finish with a small pump of Oribe Gold Lust to the ends.  A good trick for even application is pretend you are throwing your hair up in a ponytail and twist the (pony) hair so that you just apply the oil to the ends.  Oh and make sure to throw this goodie in your beach bag as it’s the perfect product to shine and nourish those salty ends after a long day in the sun.



Lately I have been working a deep side part for some extra volume and to channel my 80’s comeback.  To make it a bit modern I prefer to tuck the opposite side behind the ear.

  • MJ

    love your hair but what i would LOVE to know is your work out routine!! i’m assuming surfing but is there anything else?!

    • Home With Her

      In all honesty, I hardly ever surf anymore, unless it’s long-boarding with my son. My main form of exercise is yoga. When I don’t have the time to go to a class I follow Yoga With Tim on Youtube as he has a million great videos to choose from (for free!!!). I also try and hike and swim somewhere in the week…my body responds best when I continually mix up my routine. Hope that helps :)