My feelings towards Instagram vary hour-to-hour, day-to-day but for the most part it’s a love-hate type of relationship. Similar to Pinterest, it’s a total time warp and find myself getting sucked into this and that more often than I’d like.  Instagram should have a fair warning agreement saying something like “Please be prepared to get wrapped up in strangers live’s for a good portion of your day”.   The part that I tend to struggle with, and make every effort to avoid, is how much this little app takes me away from the present moment…how much wasted time is spent perusing people I don’t even know.  So many better things to put my time and energy into… Not to mention the temptation to be lured into an attitude of envy and comparison– these picture perfect moments, houses, attire…. the list goes on. Another area to practice mindfulness, self-control and celebrating what others are getting to partake of in this good life.

On the flip side, I’ve shared in close friends’ moments, meals, vacations, children’s triumphs etc. even ones far off or of the past.  I’ve also come in contact with so many inspiring people in which I would have never crossed paths with if it wasn’t for Instagram.  Lacy from Free and Native being one of these lovely people.  She’s a full-time wellness guru who is always inspiring me to make more conscious steps towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Reading her blog is always such a treat and I always walk away with something new, so if you aren’t following her blog yet make sure to bookmark it as it’s won’t disappoint.

A few months back Lacy had shared some thoughts on tea, specifically a tea concoction for women who are pregnant, thinking about pregnancy, or new mothers.  Seeing my dear business partner Jeanne is pregnant I decided to purchase the different herbs via Amazon and thought it could be a fun little recipe to share on the site.  Thanks to Amazon Prime, within a few days some fairly large boxes began to arrive at my doorstep.  I left them outside for a day or two assuming they were for my boyfriend as they were far too big to be the delicate ingredients for Lacy’s tea.  Well let’s just say I was wrong and now have more than enough tea leaves to last me a lifetime.  The comical part being that we live in a tiny beach cottage so I obviously have a ton of room to store uncommon kitchen ingredients like this 😉

This custom blend is perfect for women of all sorts but specifically beneficial to those who are preparing their body for pregnancy with deep mineralization, blood building and vitamin rich properties. It makes for an incredible hair & nail strengthening tea, anxiety and depression tamer, as well as hormonal support.  Obviously the health benefits resonated but I was unsure if I’d actually enjoy the taste.  I was pleasantly surprised and it has been my go-to tea for the past couple of weeks, which says a lot seeing I drink tea morning, noon and night!  Lately I have been brewing a large batch in the morning.  I usually sip on a cup or two and then pop the rest in the fridge and drink chilled when I’m craving something other than water later in the day.

Oh and it makes the most beautiful gift to pass along to another mama.  I recently planned a small little gathering to honor Jeanne and bottled it up for the sweetest (and most appropriate) little gifts for the guests to take home.  I hope you are as inspired as I to mix your own loose leaf teas from home.  Brew, relax, sip and nourish your sweet self.





1/2 cup raspberry leaf
1/2 cup stinging nettles leaf
2 tbsp peppermint leaf
1/2 cup red clover
2 tbsp licorice root


Mix all the herbs together in a bowl and then store tightly in a glass jar.  Steep the tea for 20-minutes, enjoy sipping on a cup warm to hot and chill the remaining.  Once brewed the tea is good for 3-days.  Enjoy girls!

Original recipe as well as specific benefits found on Free + Native

  • Zoe Burton

    This tea looks amazing! I love so much of what you post! :) Do you mind me asking who takes your pictures for you? One of my favorite things about your posts is that you are actually in a lot of the photos. It’s nice to see the way you interact with things!