Aside from olive oil and sea salt, citrus might be the most commonly used ingredient in my kitchen.  A simple squeeze of it can totally transform something so simple like avocado, fish, chicken, salad, water…oh and and let’s not forget about the cocktail!  I’m a complete sucker for a fresh cocktail, which fortunately and unfortunately is becoming easier and easier to find these days.

As usual, we ended up at the farmers market last Saturday.  And as usual we ended up coming home with an odd ball seasonal item (mulberries, kumquats, sunchokes, etc.) that looked far too unique to pass up.  This week we snagged a handful of blood oranges.  Blood oranges are one of those items that is far too beautiful to just slice and pass out at soccer.  They deserve to steal the show which is why we used them in a favorite cocktail of ours, the Paloma.  Fair warning for those of you unfamiliar with the Paloma (aka the bubbly margarita) this drink is dangerously refreshing, not to mention simple to make and of course easy on the eyes.  So without further a due, we introduce you to Mexico’s most beloved drink, the Paloma.

2 oz silver tequila
4 oz all natural blood orange soda, we used San Pellegrino Soda
1 oz fresh lime juice
fresh thyme
1 blood orange (sliced for garnish)
sea salt, we used Maldon (which I use in just about everything)

Wet the rim of a glass with lime and dip in the chunky sea salt. Toss in a few ice cubes before adding tequila, fresh lime juice and soda.  Gently stir and then top with a slice of orange and a sprinkle of thyme.  Cheers friends!

Recipe adapted from Aida Mollenkamp

  • Pang @circahappy

    You are right about blood oranges; they are too beautiful to not show them off. :)
    Love this delicious looking cocktail SO MUCH.

    • Home With Her

      Glad you liked the recipe…and thanks for the support.