Recently I had a friend unexpectedly stop by for a glass of wine.  As the wine and conversation flowed I ended up in the kitchen preparing an impromptu meal.  The endless laughter, wine and the eclectic thrown together meal all played an important role in creating that perfectly imperfect setting.  It was one of those simple evenings that no matter how hard I tried, could never be replicated simply because of the effortless vibe and lack of expectation.

Jeanne and I are both incredibly attracted to those effortless moments.  It’s beyond obvious when something is overthought.  It immediately comes across as forced, expected and complicated.  In all honesty, our best work happens when we crank the music up, are involved in a deep conversation and simultaneously working.  It’s almost as if the distraction forces the scene to take on that unexpected effortless vibe.

Kids have naturally magically mastered this effortless concept.  Aside from my experience with styling, Felix has been my biggest teacher in finding beauty and almost a sense of contentment with imperfection.  Felix is expected to make his bed before leaving the house each day.  Being a bit finicky (aka OCD), most mornings I find myself remaking his bed.  Recently I stopped and noticed how sweet his room was without me straightening all the linens.  The twisted duvet, the pillows asymmetrically stacked and the blanket falling off the bed all attributed to this casual, cool and perfectly imperfect setting.  Plus it added an extra layer of coziness to the scene.

I find myself more now than ever surrendering into the idea of imperfection.  Personally speaking, those unedited moments, meals, outfits, and gatherings is typically where the magic happens.

So for Easter this year, and every little gathering thereafter, I’m adopting a go with the flow attitude.  Personally speaking, I’ve learned that the stress and chaos from fretting over all the little details isn’t worth it.  Simply make tasty food, invite good people and the rest will work itself out.

We are sharing an incredibly simple way to dress up the table this year.  In fact, this DIY floral garland literally took us a whole fifteen minutes to make from start to finish.  Not only is this garland a complete show stopper but the refreshing scents of Eucalyptus took over my house which just added to the natural beauty.  Plus as much as I love centerpieces, more often than not I end up moving them aside when it’s time to eat as I’d much rather stare at a friendly face than some florals.

But what we loved most about this garland is there’s no right or wrong way to make recreate it.  Similar to so many other recipes that we share, this garland can be recreated using just about any florals you find.  Eucalyptus grows wild here, so we grabbed a ton of clippings from our neighborhood and added a bit of color with some flowers.  As a fun way to practice “perfectly imperfect” we recommend that you let your kids add the flowers.  I find their sweet vision is always a bit more interesting to the eye and they will beam with pride knowing that you approve of their work of art.  Happy Easter friends!



greens (we used a variety of Eucalyptus including Silver Dollar, Red Flowered and Gunnii Eucalyptus)

larger statement flowers (we used peonies but roses or tulips would be just as beautiful)

accent florals

floral wire

wire clippers

floral shears


  1. Begin by creating small bouquets of greens.  Layer the different green varieties to create extra texture and variation. Set it down and step back to see if you need to add a few more branches.  Once the bouquet is to your liking, evenly clip the ends.
  2. Once the ends are trimmed, take your floral wire and wrap it around the ends about 4 times to secure the branches together.
  3. Continue to create these bouquets until you’ve reached the desired length of the table.  (For this table we made 7 bouquets)
  4. Once you’ve formed your green clusters you can begin connecting them to create the base.  We prefer to begin at the center of the table.  Start by weaving the stems together (Don’t get too caught up in the details as the flowers will really hide and change the entire look here).
  5. Then you want to build length to your garland by layering the other greens.  Lift the previous cluster up and simply slide another bouquet underneath.  Continue to do this until you’ve reached your desired length.
  6. Once your base is established, weave in your florals.  This is the fun part. So play around with creating more height, volume, texture and color.  And get your kids involved in this part…if your kids are anything like ours they will love giving a helping hand.
  7. Voila!