Last week we had the entire week off of school.  With no true agenda we decided to head to Ojai for a few days to rest and refuel.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Ojai is located just inland or outside of Santa Barbara.  With windy roads lined in oak trees and warm desert climates it’s one of those towns that makes you feel like you are far from home.

The town itself seems to be a strongly knit community of organic farmers, yogis, and other creative people dedicated to healthy ways of living.  There’s no denying that magic is in the air.  Between the unique shops, charming cafes and pink sunsets it’s hard not to fall hard for this town and imagine life in the slow lane.

We didn’t do anything wildly exciting which in all honesty was the genius part of the getaway.  Instead of having a long agenda we leisurely rode bikes into town, sat poolside, and filled our bellies with the best local ingredients.  In other words, we simply let Ojai show us the way and indulged in every opportunity.  It was a sweet taste of the kind of summer we will be cultivating this year.

Felix is at the age where he actually has an opinion when it comes to music.  Most of his musical influences come from surf and skate videos.  So as you can imagine the two plus hour car ride was filled with some tunes that wouldn’t normally be found on my playlist.  But I love the idea that he is forming his own identity and thankfully most songs are over within five minutes time.

So with that said, this playlist is all over the board.  But surprisingly I thought it worked well.  Especially for a road trip when you need variation.  Whether you are working from home, working out, or on vacation this playlist has a little something for everyone on it…happy listening friends!