My mom has always had a green thumb (one of the many traits I unfortunately did not inherit) and her rose garden could probably compete with the finest.  She always has the most beautiful little bouquets perfectly placed all over her house not only to give a punch of color but filling the air with the scent of sweet and feminine roses.  This probably explains my love affair with all things roses.

I’m not a huge fan of scented beauty products or perfumes for that matter.  In fact you will often see me racing through the beauty department of a department store with my shirt over my nose as the strong scents can often spin me into an instant headache.  And it’s no surprise as common perfumes tend to have drifted far from their original intent being a form of cleanliness and ancient day aromatherapy for improving health.  Now days they are filled with a long list of carcinogenic ingredients that are far from fresh.  I’ve found two scents that I use sparingly for those few and far between date night occasions.

A girlfriend gave me some rose water toner for a birthday gift last year.  I spritz it on prior to applying my serum and eye cream and it’s quickly become a staple step in my beauty routine.  As I ran out, and looked for a replacement I realized that it’s not that tricky to make at home.

Not only does it make the most beautiful rosy colored gift for a friends vanity but the list of health benefits really is endless.  To name a few, rose extracts are known for their antidepressant, astringent and balancing properties–boosting mood, toning and lifting the skin, and regulating hormone production. Not to mention, leave you smelling fresh and intoxicating.  And it truly is so simple to make.



3-5 garden roses, pesticide free
water (just enough to cover)
3 drops witch hazel
small vial // mister bottle


Remove petals from stems, place in a mesh strainer and give a quick rinse with fresh water. Cover with water in a small pot and cook over low heat until the rose petals have loss their color (we left them for about 45 minutes for a stronger scent, but 15 should suffice). After cooled add a few drops of witch hazel if desired for added astringent properties and longer shelf life. Pour into a small vial or spritz bottle and store in a cool place.

Dress by Madewell JM Drygoods capsule collection