Halloween is a tricky one for me.  It’s nearly impossible to find Halloween decorations that aren’t beyond terrifying.  But then again it’s Halloween we’re talking about; not exactly a warm and fuzzy holiday.  I will admit that it’s by far one of the best people watching days of the year.  It’s a bit of a big deal here in Laguna and everyone (adults and pets included) dress up for the occasion.  I love to see families walking the streets dressed up as some yet brilliant yet unexpected character or toting around in a creative homemade costume that is just genius.   Last year highlights included a family of four who completed the Adams Family characters and a 7-year old dressed up as a hipster DJ.  My son Felix typically reaches for the cheesiest costume there is, but I guess that’s pretty typical for his age.

Though Felix would prefer to fill the house with dancing skeletons, red-eyed bats, zombies and a fog machine I’m always on the hunt for something a bit more “friendly”.  We came across these DIY spider web decorations via Pinterest and found them to be a little bit spooky, a little bit real and a lot a bit cool to hang all over your house.  They are beyond easy to make and have to say my favorite Halloween decorations to date.  Stop by our Pinterest to find more holiday ideas…



White yarn (we chose a thick, gauzy textured yarn found at Michaels Crafts)
branches (cut down to similar sizes)
plastic spiders


  1. Cross all the branches.  Begin to wrap the yarn around the cross (using a figure 8 design works best).
  2. Once the center is stable and set begin wrapping the yarn around each stick moving in a circle.
  3. Randomly reverse the direction or the switch to loop the yarn under the branch instead of over.  Really anything and everything goes here to create a more realistic look.
  4. Once finished, tie a knot and leave enough string to hang.
  5. Happy Halloween friends!