We have a four day weekend ahead which came at perfect timing seeing this past week has been a bit exhausting.  Aside from our power being out for nearly twenty-four hours, I recently decided to embark on a pretty serious “clean eating” cleanse which is harder than it sounds…and let me just say it sounded hard.  Fortunately, tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the week, aside from having no school it’s also our local farmers market.  So I plan on heading there early because here in Laguna “the early bird gets the word” and stocking up on some fresh fish, citrus, squash and whatever else meets the eye.  Hope your weekend is long and plenty friends.

Here’s some great articles we’ve come across the web for those of you who have a cozy moment to yourself…

  1. How to get banish cellulite without surgery or any weird creams.
  2. How to grant ourself permission to receive everything we desire in life.
  3. We are pretty much obsessed with the Madewell Spring collection.
  4. These are our kind of examples of inspiring goals to set for the New Year.
  5. Using plywood in the home?!  Our favorite examples here, here and here.
  6. We’ve always admired Jodi Mockabee’s little clan and are pretty inspired by her homeschool “plan”.
  7. Recently stumbled across The First Mess and we can’t get enough of her gorgeous photos and recipes.  Creamy French Lentils Mushrooms and Kale…yes please!
  8. Top 10 Wellness Trends for 2016.
  9. RIP David Bowie.  Here’s one of my favorite songs from the legend…
  10. We are firm believer in the many benefits of using tea tree oil.  Jenni Kayne shares more here.

image above from C-Home